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Purlin roll forming machine is one of the important assembly line equipment in the cold rolling mills industry. It has reasonable design, advanced technology, safe and reliable use, high productivity and good economic benefits. Meanwhile, the reasonable hardware configuration greatly increases the stability of the equipment.

The main working process of purlin roll forming machine: The rolled raw materials are directly fed into the roll forming machine and become finished purlin after several procedures. The finished product is not distorted, beautiful in appearance, high strength, easy to install, and long service life.

The components of Purlin roll forming machine: uncoiling, feeding, pre-leveling, pre-punching, pre-cutting, forming, shearing, and PLC control system.

1.Pre-Leveling Device: Seven rollers pre-leveling device with 4over 3shafts to remove the coil-set.

2.Hydraulic Pre-Cutting and Pre-Punching Device: Powered feed in rolls, stop to punch, stop to cut. Hydraulic pre-cutting device only for cutting the first piece and the end piece of the sheet.

3.Roller and Shaft: roller process includes CNC lathes, heat treatment and hard chrome coated; shaft process includes precision machined, thermal refining. These processing can reduce the impact of thermal deformation, which is conducive to long-term stable operation of the equipment.

4.Hydraulic Post-Cutting Device: Control the number and shearing length, the cutting tool material is Cr12Mov, the finished product without burr, beautiful appearance.

5.PLC Control System: Control the quantity and cutting length automatically. This control system provides guarantee for high precision operation of the equipment, input production data, and can automatically complete production requirements with high production efficiency and good economic benefits.

Fully automatic purlin roll forming machine is highly automated, with fully automatic fixed length cutting and automatic punching, and also easy to install. The finished products of automatic purlin roll forming machine have good performance and flatness. The product can be used as the main force-bearing structure of large and medium-sized industrial and civil buildings. For example, the roof bearing load and strong flat support of factory buildings, warehouses, locomotive depots, aircraft hangars, exhibition depots, theaters, stadiums, market flower sheds.


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