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The roll forming machine for Ridge cap profile is an automatic production line integrating uncoiling, feeding, forming, shearing, and PLC control system. The machine has reasonable design, advanced technology, safe and reliable use, high productivity and good economic benefits.


The main work process of the forming line is: After uncoiled, the steel sheet will be sent straightly to the Roll Former. After several stations of roll-pressed, the cutting tool will cut as per length required.

The components of Roll forming machine for Ridge cap profile: hydraulic un-coiler, cold rolling mills entry beach + manual pre-shearing device+ protecting mesh, hydraulic post-cutting device, product rack and plc control system

1. The feeding guide section: bending brackets, manual pre-shearing, double-roller feeding,  which can ensure that the material is precisely fed into the equipment, reducing waste and improving economic efficiency.

2. Roller and Shaft: roller process includes CNC lathes, heat treatment and hard chrome coated; shaft process includes precision machined, thermal refining. These processing can reduce the impact of thermal deformation, which is conducive to long-term stable operation of the equipment.

3. Hydraulic shearing device: control the number and shearing length, and the finished product has a beautiful appearance.

4.      PLC control system: This control system provides guarantee for high precision operation of the equipment, input production data, and can automatically complete production requirements with high production efficiency and good economic benefits.


The Ridge cap profile panels pressed by the cold roll forming machine are not only dignified and elegant, but also beautiful and novel, with smooth appearance and uniform corrugation. Ridge tiles are used in the production of steel structure industry as a roofing joint of building steel sheets. It is mostly used in roofing eaves, park pavilions, private villas and other buildings as ridge tiles.


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