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Why does the cold roll forming machine form a bag wave


Cold-bend forming machine is the primary material for making light steel structure. It is made of steel plate or steel strip by cold-bending. It is a kind of steel with very thin wall thickness. It can be used in building structure, vehicle manufacturing, agricultural machinery manufacturing and many other aspects. There are many types of cold-bend steel, such as open and semi-closed according to the cross section, and angle steel, Z-shaped steel according to the shape. With the development of society and the advancement of science and technology, the market of cold-bend steel is getting bigger and bigger. Many manufacturers have begun to invest in the consumption and processing of cold-bend steel. However, there are some problems in the process of consuming cold-bend steel, such as the occurrence of bag-shaped waves in the consumption process of cold-bend steel, which will affect the quality and function of the material. Because cold-bend Hong Kong is a thin steel, the probability of bag-shaped waves in cold-bend equipment during processing is higher than that of thick plates. The main reason is that the width of the edge of the cross section of cold-bend steel has a certain influence on the bag-shaped waves. The operator needs to apply a certain tension to the sheet to alleviate the bag-shaped wave phenomenon. The main reason for the formation of bag-shaped waves is that the line is off during the bending process, so there is lateral tensile stress and strain in the middle of the bending, so the longitudinal cold-bent steel part will exert a certain pressure on the middle part, so the middle part will be unbalanced, and then bag-shaped waves will occur. Many times we find that the utilization rate of cold-bend forming machine equipment is very high, but we don’t often see the existence of cold-bend forming machines. Why is this? Cold-bend forming machine equipment is mainly responsible for cutting materials and stopping rough processing of materials in industry. The cold-bend forming machine is mainly composed of two upper and lower blades made of high-strength metal. During use, the corresponding angles of the two blades are adjusted from time to time to achieve the purpose of cutting and dividing the material. During the cutting process of the cold roll forming machine, the upper blade is fixed on the upper tool holder, and the lower blade is fixed on the lower workbench. The cold roll forming machine keeps moving the material to divide the material into two parts. In this way, there will be no unevenness in the cross section of the material. When processing materials, the working principle is similar, but the material sheared by the cold roll forming machine is not like other processing tools. Its principle is not to break the metal in a distorted way, so that the material produced can be used for fine instrument processing. Having said this, perhaps many users still don’t know what kind of factories the cold roll forming machine equipment is suitable for. Here we give users an example of car manufacturing. The common car products in our lives are basically designed by cold roll forming machines, because the mold for processing cars needs to bend and fold the original materials to complete. If we use too much force during processing and destroy its internal structure, it may cause damage to the material product and affect normal use. The cold roll forming machine can stop processing while lowering the temperature and tightening its internal structure, thereby ensuring the stability of the material.

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