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What are the common problems of cold roll forming machines?


Today, XIAMEN ZHENG LIMING Co., Ltd. will give you a detailed introduction to what are the common problems with cold roll forming machines? Be sure to choose a flat countertop to open and place the cold bending machine to ensure that the equipment is stable and stable, and then open the main box legs for easy observation. Then insert the power plug into the control panel and turn it on. Secondly, plug one end of the power plug into the control panel behind the main case, and plug in the power supply at the other end. The regulations generally use a single-phase three-wire power supply, and then turn on the power switch behind the main case, and then follow the instructions The actual operation is carried out in a certain way and adjusted to a certain value. Finally, after the green light lights up and a beep sounds, start the next task, the sealing task, and then check the quality of the seal, and perform operations based on different materials to ensure the seal. quality assurance. Compulsory maintenance of cold bending forming machines is very important: good maintenance of all industrial equipment is an important step in extending the service life. From the perspective of the entire service life of the cold bending forming machine, use, maintenance, and overhaul account for The vast majority of the total service life of cold roll forming machinery also provides guarantee for the cold roll forming machine to fully exert its practical value. The construction bill of cold bending forming machine is large, the daily tasks are complex, the project investment is high, the construction deadline is very strong, and it is very cyclical. Compulsory maintenance of the cold bending forming machine is necessary, and the mandatory maintenance is for a long time. Equipment for field operations and harsh environments is crucial. According to the extensive analysis of common faults, 56% of cold roll forming machines are caused by fear of maintenance, 38% are caused by on-time maintenance errors, and 6% are caused by incorrect operation. Therefore, mandatory maintenance of cold A bending forming machine is necessary. Why cold drawing forming equipment needs to be well lubricated: Lubrication can be either intermittent lubrication or continuous lubrication according to time. According to daily maintenance, if the equipment is not running, we only need to change the oil once every six months. Yes, but if the equipment is working, the second and third lubrication time periods should be between twenty and thirty days. If the time is good, the interval does not need to be long. When the equipment is working, you should pay attention to whether the injector of the main shaft bearing is producing oil when the main shaft bearing is running. If there is a common fault, it should be inspected immediately. And if the car's fuel tank is not cleaned, other oil or recycled oil cannot be used to avoid damage to the rolling bearings. All in all, the work of a piece of equipment is carried out by the cooperation of several components. Therefore, doing a good job in daily lubrication work is also to make the cold drawing forming equipment work better and improve work efficiency. , reducing quality time. The above is all the common problems of cold bending forming machine introduced by XIAMEN ZHENG LIMING Co., Ltd. If you have any questions about cold bending forming machine, please feel free to come for consultation~.

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