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Ways to solve burrs of cold roll forming machines during forming


Today, XIAMEN ZHENG LIMING Co., Ltd. will show you how to deal with burrs during forming by cold roll forming machines. It is a common problem that the burrs of products produced by cold roll forming machines do not meet the market demand, such as the burrs left at the punching machine mouth and the burrs left at the disconnection mouth. After customers purchase machinery and equipment, these problems are problems that they must solve by themselves in the later production. When the machinery and equipment are in the factory, they are generally normal. If the burrs of the machinery and equipment are too large when they are in the factory, the manufacturer can be required to ensure that the burrs meet the requirements. In this article, we discuss the problem of how to deal with burrs during the later customer processing. 1. How to deal with burrs left by punching molds. When the punching mold is used for a long time, the punching needle and the mold surface will be damaged. In this case, we need to deal with the mold. We should disassemble the mold and grind the punching needle and the mold surface flat. Generally, in order to ensure the appearance of the product during processing, we need to grind it once in a while. How often you need to grind it depends on the amount of production you produce, or the material used by the mold, and the material of the steel parts produced. This needs to be summarized in the respective processing, and it depends on the surface condition of the produced product. 2. The solution to the burrs left by the cut-off mold. The solution to the burrs left by the cut-off mold depends on how the mold is designed. Some are cut off with a cutter head, and some are cut off by displacement. The solution methods for the two types of molds are different. If you use a miscut mold, you only need to disassemble the mold and use flat grinding on both sides. The actual grinding depth depends on the damage. Generally, 0.2MM can be ground once. If the mold is cut off with a cutter head, when the early damage is not serious, you can just perform a universal linear cutting on the cutter head. If the mold is also damaged, you also need to perform universal linear cutting on the mold. The molds for laser cutting usually require manufacturers to configure several more pieces to prevent them from being replaced immediately in case of breakage. The above is the content sharing brought to us by the cold roll forming machine manufacturer today. If you have any needs for our company's products, please contact the online customer service for detailed inquiries and quotation information. You are also welcome to visit our company for inquiries. We sincerely invite you to cooperate with us!.

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