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The use of forming machine equipment


Today, XIAMEN ZHENG LIMING Co., Ltd. will introduce to you the uses of molding machine equipment. Molding machine equipment is divided into many types according to type and function. EVA hot press molding machine is also one of the molding machines. In daily life, it is also called flat vulcanizer, rubber vulcanizer, small tablet press, automatic powder tablet press, etc. So what is the role of EVA hot press molding machine? Next, let’s introduce the product of EVA hot press molding machine. Put the plastic or plastic material into the mold, place it between the left and right heating plates, and then apply pressure under the intelligent temperature control of the insulation board to shape the material. Electric heater of hot press molding machine: The electric heating mold is embedded with a special electric heater. This type of embedded special electric heater has the characteristics of high output power, fast heat transfer, and long life. The temperature sensor rod adopts a screw-down structure, which enables flexible temperature measurement, fast heat sensing, and high accuracy. The insulation board of the molding machine equipment EVA hot press molding machine is made of high-temperature, high-quality aluminum alloy, which has the characteristics of high toughness, no deformation, high burning speed and corrosion resistance. The hot press molding machine uses imported hydraulic cylinders and pressure control systems, which ensure stable pressure and no noise. The operation process of the EVA hot press molding machine is somewhat similar to the injection needle used in injection. It mainly relies on the driving force of the plunger pump to introduce the already molten plastic into the closed mold core where it dries and solidifies. A whole process of judgment. Injection molding of molding machine equipment is mainly a cyclic process. The computer structure of the EVA hot press molding machine mainly uses imported PLC computer chips. It has manual operation skills and is easy to get started. If the equipment is driven, it is hydraulically driven, which can solve the correlation of raw materials, improve the density, and thus shorten the forming cycle. During the injection molding process, perhaps due to poor material handling, unreasonable product or mold design, operators not mastering suitable process operating conditions, or due to mechanical reasons, products often suffer from under-injection, dents, burrs, etc. Defects such as bubbles, cracks, warping deformation, and standard changes. There are three main aspects to evaluate plastic products. One is the appearance quality, including integrity, color, gloss, etc.; the other is the accuracy between size and relative position; the third is the mechanical, chemical, and electrical functions corresponding to the intended use. . These quality requirements also require different standards depending on the application situations of the products. The above is the content shared by molding machine equipment manufacturers today. If you have demand for our company's products, you are welcome to contact online customer service for detailed inquiries about quotations and other information. You are also welcome to come to our company for inquiries, and we sincerely invite cooperation with you!.

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