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Methods for dealing with the distortion of cold roll forming machines


Today, XIAMEN ZHENG LIMING Co., Ltd. will introduce to you the method of dealing with the distortion of cold roll forming machine: When the cold roll forming machine equipment is in operation, it needs to be placed between the two active rollers of the door bracket auxiliary system. The hydraulic system starts to push the dovetail groove and the cold cold forming steel wheel hydraulic cylinder, which is designed to achieve the desired curvature of the closed hydraulic system, start the mechanical transmission, so that the drive roller rotates, and the friction drives the steel forward slowly, cold bending, so as to complete the continuous operation. At the end of the cold bending operation time, the closed roll forming machine transmission control system can start the hydraulic skill system at the same time to retract the hydraulic cylinder. The cold forming steel door bracket is placed on the list of auxiliary systems. This kind of cold roll forming machine operation not only maintains the strength of the material, improves the quality of the system support steel arch frame, but also improves the management work efficiency. XIAMEN ZHENG LIMING Co., Ltd. shares the method of dealing with the distortion of cold roll forming machine: 1. Accurately calculate the materials used in the deformation zone, and the roller processing symmetry is good. 2. The deformation area cannot be without compression (for example, the bottom track), and the upper and lower rollers in each area of ​​the gap remain the same during assembly. 3. Before the material bites in, a guiding bevel should be set according to the previous rolling skill status. Before stabilization and pressure, the material slides smoothly in the roller. 4. The machining accuracy of the roller is crucial. The seat design makes a tool under the projector and enlarges it 20 times for analysis and inspection. 5. On the main drive side, roller tapered bearings are used to keep the spindle radial runout within 0.04MM and will not move left and right. 6. The main problem of producing distortion and bending is the unevenness, convexity and concaveness of the left and right bending, and changes. The above is all the content of the methods for dealing with the distortion of the cold roll forming machine introduced to you by XIAMEN ZHENG LIMING Co., Ltd. If you have any questions about the cold roll forming machine, please feel free to consult~.

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