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How to maintain cold roll forming machines


XIAMEN ZHENG LIMING Co., Ltd. will explain to you today how to maintain the cold roll forming machine. With the increase of the service life of the cold roll forming machine, it is inevitable that the equipment will be aged and worn. This requires us to fully maintain the cold roll forming machine equipment to ensure its working stability and avoid the cold roll equipment from affecting normal work due to mechanical problems. The cold roll forming machine equipment needs to be regularly maintained according to the corresponding maintenance specifications. Even if it is in good working condition, it needs to be maintained and cared for to prevent mechanical failure and ensure smooth operation. Secondly, during the maintenance process, it is found that the parts with severe wear should be replaced immediately. The machinery is regularly maintained and maintained by maintenance personnel, such as adding lubricating oil. Prevent equipment from oxidation and rusting, mainly when it is idle for a long time. Doing a good job of detailed maintenance work is very beneficial to the normal operation of the machinery, and it can also proceed smoothly. At this stage, my country's technological innovation is still mainly in the stage of absorption, imitation and integration, and there are still few original innovations and independent innovations. Not enough attention is paid to basic research and process research. Domestic cold-formed steel equipment is simple, technical equipment is backward, and unit equipment is not matched. Existing production equipment is difficult to produce high-quality products with special requirements. Compared with ordinary steel structures, cold-formed steel has many special cases, such as cold-bending effect, local buckling and super-buckling of plates, and material requirements. Therefore, there are still many technical problems in this type of structure that need further in-depth research. my country's cold-formed steel industry has borrowed a lot of foreign technical experience in technical equipment, but it does not have its own brand, its own technological innovation, or a complete product system. Many new technological achievements are still in the incubation stage, lack experience, and need to be improved and improved. The above is the content sharing brought to us by the cold-formed forming machine manufacturer today. If you have any demand for our company's products, please contact the online customer service for detailed inquiries and quotation information. You are also welcome to inquire about our company and sincerely invite you to cooperate with us!.

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