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How to ensure the stable operation of cold roll forming machine equipment during actual operation?


The production characteristics of the cold bending forming machine are obvious, the force is uniform, the reliability is uniform, and the cold bending forming machine can help us make some aluminum profiles with special cross-sections during the use process. It also has many manufacturing characteristics. . Let’s take a look at each other’s manufacturing features below. First of all, each pass of the cold bending machine is very even in terms of bearing capacity, which can also make the wear and tear on the human body organs encountered by the equipment during the work process more even, so that the hot-rolled strip steel Of course, the service life is also increased. Secondly, when it comes to hot-rolled strip steel, most of the raw materials used by cold-forming machine manufacturers in the manufacturing and manufacturing process are C12MoV raw materials. The wear resistance of this material itself is very good, but its There is a contradictory relationship between strength and strength. During the heat treatment process, the red force of the material needs to be used. When heat treatment is carried out, it takes two or three times to achieve the standard strength. Regarding the reliability problem of extrusion molding, material deflection often occurs during the processing. To solve it, the processing symmetry of the rollers can be adjusted. How to ensure the stable operation of the cold bending forming machine? The normal operation of the equipment and machinery can ensure the production quality of the product, and at the same time, it can also greatly extend the service life of the cold roll forming machine. Let's introduce to you in detail how the cold bending machine ensures the balanced operation of the machine and equipment? Maintenance and maintenance of hot rolled strip. Hot-rolled strip must be reapplied with anti-rust oil every ten days or so. When the machinery is not planned to be used for a long time, hot-rolled strip should also be brushed with anti-rust oil. Maintenance and maintenance of automatic punching machine mold shells. The maintenance concept of punch mold shell is the same as that of cutter mold shell. When it is found that the mold shell is not sharp enough, the mold shell must be flat ground to make it sharper. Maintenance and maintenance of source power circuits. For some unprofessional customers, circuit problems are troublesome. Therefore, they should pay more attention to the maintenance of circuits and prevent dirt, moisture, and oil. Cables should be carefully maintained to avoid damage. The care and maintenance methods we provide are basic daily knowledge of cold bending machine maintenance. We hope that you can use them as a reference to extend its service life.

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