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Frequent faults and solutions of cold roll forming machines during material forming


XIAMEN ZHENG LIMING Co., Ltd. will take you today to learn about the common failures and solutions of cold roll forming machines when forming materials. As a manufacturer of cold roll forming machine equipment, people often encounter some minor problems after some customers pull the machine equipment back. , and then adjusted it by myself, the result was that the adjustment was messed up, unable to adjust everything back to normal, and asked the manufacturer to deal with it. Or after the equipment has been producing normally for a period of time, the rollers move, or the clamping screws loosen, causing material to leak, or the aluminum profiles produced do not meet the specifications. The main tools and materials required for adjustment: 1. Prepare the materials that meet the requirements when ordering the cold bending machine. The materials must meet the adjustment range, such as the thickness of the required materials, whether the coating specifications meet the requirements, etc. For more details, please refer to the contract when ordering the equipment. 2. Wrenches, mirrors, micrometers, vernier calipers, compasses, sewing lines, and pencils. Problems: During the processing of the equipment, the main problems include deviation in direction. The basic adjustment methods for wavy lines and bending are as follows: 1. Solution to material direction deviation. When this happens, the roller is usually loose and swings up and down, or the upper roller is high on one side and low on the other. In this case, if there is a problem with only one or two sets of rollers, it can be easily solved. However, if there are problems with multiple rollers, it may be necessary to pull out the upper roller, pull the parallel line again, and adjust the parallelism of the rollers again. When only two groups are out of alignment, the material can be slowly fed in and checked group by group. When the aluminum profiles pressed in by one group enter the next group of rollers, the contours of the next group of rollers cannot be aligned. , that is, the group that can identify the problem. 2. Solution to wavy pattern. The wavy pattern is generally caused by the gap between the upper and lower rollers or the tightness of the upper and lower rollers. However, after the equipment has been put into normal production for a period of time in the factory, the gap is usually not good or bad. The main problem is the upper and lower tightness, which causes one side to be pressed too tightly and the gap is small. The ground stress problem causes wavy patterns. The solution is to wind up. 3. Solutions to bending problems. Bending is usually caused by ground stress and can be corrected by straightening equipment on the back side. For more serious cases, the following bending may be caused by some of the rollers being pressed tightly and some being loosely pressed. The upper and lower bending may be caused by the rollers not having a parallel line. The first method can be used in these two situations. The above is the content shared by cold roll forming machine manufacturers today. If you have demand for our company's products, you are welcome to contact our online customer service for detailed inquiries about quotations and other information. You are also welcome to come to our company for inquiries and we sincerely invite you to cooperate. !.

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