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Cold roll forming machinery and equipment are equipment based on professional materials


Nowadays, in the tide of economic market, the survival environment of enterprises is very difficult. Especially for small enterprises, due to the lack of chain, many small cold-bending machine manufacturers have repeatedly closed down after opening. The high requirements of users for products are also one of the main reasons for accelerating the closure of small enterprises. Nowadays, people have more and more requirements for the materials, shapes and dimensional accuracy of products. Therefore, the companies engaged in cold-bending machinery have been stripped of their silk and only some professional elites and large enterprises have survived. The diversification of products will also lead to the diversification of materials. And cold-bending machinery and equipment are equipment based on materials. Don't want other professions to belong to general devices. Small enterprises can only do more types but not fine. Large enterprises can do fine and strong. Reality has also proved that customers' personalized needs can go further. Cold-bending machinery is processed by cold-bending machine forming technology. It is an economic section steel. It has a wide range of uses and is widely used in various industries such as construction, transportation, machinery, and home appliances. At present, cold-bending machinery is mainly used in light steel industrial building components, low-rise steel structure houses, cold-bending machinery in the construction field and municipal construction needs. At present, this type of cold-formed forming machinery is in a period of rapid development in China, and many products are still blank. The existing products mainly include: three-dimensional garage side beam production equipment, three-dimensional garage corrugated board production line, downpipe production equipment, downpipe gutter production equipment, greenhouse gutter profile production equipment, cable tray production equipment, solar photovoltaic bracket production equipment, 8MF profile production equipment, door frame machine, electrical cabinet profile production equipment, car body board production equipment, shelf column production equipment, solar water heater tail box bracket equipment, solar bracket equipment, tricycle car body board production equipment, high-speed guardrail forming machine, C-shaped steel machine, fire damper pedal equipment, anode board forming equipment, octagonal pipe shaft forming equipment, clear welded pipe unit, rolling door equipment, keel series, and other special-shaped profile production equipment. The importance of cold-formed machinery as a strategic emerging industry has not yet been widely recognized by relevant management departments and society. Users are seriously lacking in information about cold-formed machinery, which has largely limited the healthy and smooth development of the cold-formed machinery industry. In recent years, the demand for cold-bending machinery in my country has been increasing, the scale of use has been expanding, and the market prospects are very broad. Now there is an urgent need to develop cold-bending machinery made of stainless steel, galvanized sheet, high-strength and ultra-low-strength low-alloy materials, as well as ultra-thick and ultra-thin series of high-difficulty complex section cold-bending machinery products. The Cold-Bending Machinery Branch of my country Steel Structure Association should play the role of a bridge and link between communication, cold-bending machinery enterprises and the market. As a social intermediary organization that provides services, consultation, communication, supervision, fairness, self-discipline and coordination for the industry, it should play a greater role and promote the healthy and rapid development of the cold-bending machinery industry. In recent years, according to the data surveyed by this site, it is shown that all important parts of the national economy have directly or indirectly cooperated with cold-bending machinery enterprises. Continuously develop new products, new materials, etc. Other industrial occupations such as foundry and manufacturing industries cannot match them. Due to the high threshold for establishing cold-bending machinery manufacturers, enterprises that are just making up the numbers cannot survive. As a result, other occupations are being joined by people. However, cold bending machinery has created its own world by relying on the continuous innovation of automation and semi-automation. For now, it should not be difficult to achieve the goal of import and export cooperation of cold bending machinery products within three years. The country is now preparing various measures to support the export of cold bending machinery products in my country. In the near future, it will surely become the mainstream profession of international trade.

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