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Cold roll forming machine maintenance and maintenance to maintain smooth operation of the equipment


Today, XIAMEN ZHENG LIMING Co., Ltd. will introduce you to the maintenance and maintenance of cold roll forming machines to maintain the smooth operation of the equipment: Cold roll forming equipment manufacturers will introduce you to how to maintain and maintain cold roll forming machines to maintain the smooth operation of the equipment. In the process of contacting with customers, we often encounter some equipment problems that customers have expressed, which are caused by not paying attention to maintenance. Sometimes some severe problems are also caused by not paying attention to maintenance and maintenance. 1. Maintenance and maintenance of the roller. The roller must be added with rust inhibitor every ten days or so. When the machine equipment is planned to be unused for a long time, the roller should also be brushed with rust inhibitor. 1. Maintenance and maintenance of the cutting knife. The cutting knife mold is the area that forms friction. During the processing, add grease every half an hour to prevent the accelerated damage of the cutting force. In addition, when it is found that the wound burrs are too large and cannot meet the rules, it is because the wound has long been known to be covered with outer pressure, otherwise the cutter head or mold may be damaged in more serious cases. How to make the cutting knife sharper in practice, please refer to the method: cold punching. Three, maintenance and care of punching machine molds. The maintenance of punching machine molds is the same as the maintenance concept of cutting knife molds. When the mold is found to be not sharp enough, it is necessary to grind the mold flat to make it sharper. The method can also be referred to: What are the methods for dealing with cold drawing burrs? Four, maintenance and care of the transmission mechanism. For cold bending forming machines, the friction of the transmission mechanism is very serious. The transmission mechanism we often refer to refers to: transmission chain transmission gears, reducers, etc. When these parts are in high-toughness and long-term operation, the speed of breaking is accelerated. Therefore, we must pay special attention to the lubrication of these parts. When using tools, connections, transmission gears should be greased every one and a half minutes, and the reducer should be checked for residual oil every ten days or so. The amount of oil added each time should be based on the actual situation, and the amount of oil should be maintained at two-thirds. Five, maintenance and care of the power circuit. For some unskilled customers, it is inconvenient when the power circuit has problems. Therefore, they should pay more attention to the maintenance of the power circuit, do a good job of anti-fouling, waterproof, and oil-resistant protection, and pay attention to protecting the cables from being damaged. The above-mentioned maintenance and protection methods are strictly followed by the operators of the cold roll forming machine. Only by doing the above-mentioned measures can we prevent them from happening. We will not wait until serious consequences and problems occur, and then rush to deal with them. This will affect production and may even cause huge maintenance costs, and even serious damage that cannot be repaired. The above is all the content about the maintenance and protection of the cold roll forming machine to maintain the stable operation of the equipment introduced by XIAMEN ZHENG LIMING Co., Ltd. If you have any questions about the cold roll forming machine, please feel free to consult!.

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