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Cold roll forming machine installation placement and layout requirements


Today, XIAMEN ZHENG LIMING Co., Ltd. will tell you the installation, placement and layout requirements of the cold-formed machine. 1. Layout ideas for the cold-formed profile production workshop: In order to ensure the stable operation of the cold-formed machine and to avoid secondary adjustments during future use, the cold-formed profile production workshop needs to have a reasonable layout. Too much space waste is not conducive to the rational use of the factory, and too narrow space is not conducive to the improvement of production efficiency. In order for customers to operate better, we provide the following ideas for reference: 1. Convenient for raw materials to enter the warehouse 2. Finished product warehouse, the warehouse location should be convenient for finished product delivery, packaging material workshop, and finished product quality inspection room. 3. Reasonable production activity space, convenient for employees to produce, and enough space for production tools such as forklifts. 4. The space required for repairing and maintaining the cold-formed production line, spare parts area. 5. Water, electricity, and gas should be planned and reasonably laid out, and should be buried or ceiling-mounted. 6. There should be space for waste stacking. 2. Layout of water, electricity, and gas lines. Cold roll forming production lines usually use electricity and compressed air. Sometimes some equipment requires faster production speed, or the raw materials of cold-rolled profiles to be produced are thicker, so water cooling systems may be used. Therefore, customers should reasonably layout water, electricity and gas lines according to equipment needs. Key points of water, electricity and gas layout: 1. Each set of cold roll forming production line should have independent electricity lines to avoid overload and damage to the equipment. Each line should be connected independently from the main electric control cabinet, and each line should be equipped with automatic and manual disconnect switches. 2. Water, electricity and gas wiring should be ceiling-mounted or buried (the top of the pipeline trench should be covered with thick steel plates to ensure safety when heavy production tools are pressed from above). 3. Before arranging water, electricity and gas pipelines, you can ask the cold roll forming machine manufacturer for the layout of water, electricity and gas pipelines. 3. Foundation requirements of cold roll forming machine The foundation thickness of the cold roll forming production line should be more than 150MM, especially for production lines equipped with punching machines. If the foundation is not solid, the ground will collapse or tilt after long-term use. 4. Installation and placement of roll forming machine All mechanisms on the roll forming production line should be installed on a baseline (the baseline is pulled out from the center point of the first and last group of roll forming machine rollers), and each mechanism should be installed horizontally. The above is the content sharing brought by the roll forming machine manufacturer. If you have any needs for our company's products, please contact the online customer service for detailed inquiries and quotation information. You are also welcome to come to our company for inquiries. We sincerely invite you to cooperate with us!.

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