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Cold roll forming machine debugging


XIAMEN ZHENG LIMING Co., Ltd. will show you how to debug the roll forming machine today. The debugging of the roll forming machine requires good work experience. In the usual large amount of work, we have summarized it. In order to make it easier for everyone to master the debugging method of the roll forming machine, we have compiled the following manual for your reference, introducing some methods of debugging the roll forming machine that are often encountered in daily work. The following methods are suitable for the reasonable design of the roll. Because of the long time or unfamiliarity, the debugging is messed up and re-debugged to normal. And some problems that are unreasonable because of the unreasonable design of the roll radius at the time of production need to modify the roll. The unreasonable design of the roll radius is difficult to debug well. Therefore, if it is a roll radius problem, the manufacturer should be contacted to modify the roll. In the daily use of the roll forming machine, the problems commonly encountered are: distortion, edge waves, longitudinal bending, etc. Such problems are generally caused by uneven force at each point of the roll, and the roll is not in a straight line. Therefore, when there is a problem with the roll forming machine, it should be debugged around the central idea. So, what method can be used to make the center point of the rolling spokes in a straight line, and how can the gap between the upper and lower rolling spokes be kept the same? The following method will answer your questions. Method to make the rolling spokes in a straight line. First determine the center point of the first group and the next group, and adjust the center points of the two groups of rolling spokes to the center left and right. Then draw a straight line based on these two points. The center point mark can be painted with chalk, and then the center point is marked with a center caliper. The center point of the upper and lower rolling of the machine is marked in the same way, and then the center points of the rollers are all adjusted to a straight line left and right. After the lower rolling roller is straightened, install it back to the upper rolling roller. 2. Method to adjust the gap between the upper and lower rolling spokes. We should prepare a small section of raw materials for production, with the same thickness as the materials usually used, and then use a small mirror and a flashlight. Put the material between the upper and lower rolling rollers, and then tighten the screws on the left and right sides at the same time. Be careful not to tighten one side first and then the other side, which may cause the gaps on both sides to be inconsistent. After tightening, use a mirror to look at one side to see if the gap inside is just right, and use a flashlight to look at the other side at the same time. After mastering the above methods, we should flexibly use different methods for different problems. When some problems occur sometimes, we can't pull the straight line again according to the above method every time, which will be time-consuming and laborious. When a minor problem occurs, we can check the material one by one. In this way, we can know which group has the problem. When the material head just enters the rolling radius, we can roughly see which group is not in a straight line. The above is the content sharing brought to us by the cold roll forming machine manufacturer today. If you have any demand for our company's products, please contact the online customer service for detailed inquiry of quotation and other information. You are also welcome to inquire our company and sincerely invite you to cooperate with us!.

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